I’m in Provincetown on vacation. Vacation for me as a small business owner is always a mix of things: some work, some adventures, some relaxing. It doesn’t have to be, but I love working on my business no matter where or when it is. Jenna Kutcher in her Goal Digger Podcast has been talking a lot recently about “blend” and “integration” rather than work life balance.  I was never really a big work life balance person. Work and non-work activities often overlap. And I don’t always have control of when work happens (I can’t ask a bride to move her shower because the Bills are playing the Ravens that day). I like non-traditional work hours and the flexibility of getting work done whenever I want.

Today, I’m going on the Provincetown Secret Garden tour. It’s a fundraiser for the art gallery here in town. I always try to integrate flowers into any trips we take. I love seeing what’s local and seasonal in the places we’re visiting. I’m planning to take lots of photos and videos to share on Instagram. I’m also hoping to get ideas for my own garden. We’re pretty close in growing zones in Baltimore (maybe 7a? 7b?)  and Provincetown (6a? 6b?) so much of what grows here can be grown in Baltimore. The folks here take their gardens very seriously so I’m hoping to come away with lots of inspiration!

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  1. Are you a Bills fan? My husband and son are–there is a Buffalo garden tour every summer where homeowners show and share their gardens…hundreds of home gardens. It’s apparently the largest Garden Tour in the America? I’m planning to go next year.

    1. YES! I’m from Buffalo! I grew up in South Buffalo and I love the Bills! Yes! The Garden Walk is amazing! I hope to go next year too!

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