My partnership with the Gardener’s Workshop began in January of 2020 with my first online class Growing Your Business with Local Sourcing and more recently my on-demand workshop Preparing to Sell to Florists. Working with Lisa and her team has been great. She has a huge audience of flower lovers including gardeners, flower farmers, farmer florists and designers that follow her and are hungry for any and all information she shares. This week, Lisa asked me to fill in for her on her “Ask a Flower Farmer” recurring event on Instagram. We turned it into Ask a Florist anything and it was great fun. The folks that listened in had thoughtful questions about how to build relationships with florists, how to market to florists and what to do if the relationship is not working the way you wanted it to. They also asked about my favorite flowers (tulips), favorite fillers (tansy) and favorite perennials (which i literally blanked on- All i could think of was peonies which is not my favorite) 

One of the best ways that we like to spread the word about our products and services as well build an audience and get new customers is to partner with folks that are into the same stuff we’re into. We will always say yes to hosting an IG live, talking on a podcast, writing a blog post and more if it helps spread the word about local flowers and and all the ways they can be incorporated into people’s businesses. 

If you want to check out the replay, you can check it out here. 

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