Creative Morning is one of my favorite things in Baltimore. It’s a monthly networking breakfast with a speaker on a creative theme. As an early riser and a non-drinker, this kind of community building event works better for me than the traditional happy hour I had to go to in my past job as a business developer. Creative Mornings takes place at a different venue each month which gives attendees and partners an opportunity to see and experience all kinds of cool spaces in Baltimore. Today’s talk was at Ministry of Brewing, a Church turned Brewery in east Baltimore. Creative Mornings is an international organization with chapters in 224 cities around the globe. Each month, while we’re meeting in Baltimore, creatives are meeting all over the world to discuss the same shared topic. The most inspiring topic for me so far was Preserve with our friend Damian Mosely of Blacksauce Kitchen.

Everyone involved in Creative Mornings is a volunteer. Our flower friends, Kira and Mario are the Baltimore co-hosts. When they approached us to see if we would partner with them to provide flowers for the speaker each month, it was an easy YES. Kira and Mario have been customers and cheerleaders for LoCoFlo for years. It was a perfect fit to work with them. It’s a great benefit to us as a small business as well. For the cost of an arrangement, Creative Mornings gives us a shout out at every event, adds our logo to all of their promotional materials and provides loads of opportunities for us to meet folks that might be interested in the work we do. Win Win!

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