I’m usually exhausted after our weekly Saturday morning event at the shop. So, this past Saturday, I drank an extra cup of coffee because I had big flower plans. I drove up to Carlisle, PA to spend the afternoon at Roots Cut Flower Farm with my friends Michelle (Roots’ owner), Jennie (Love n’ Fresh Flowers) and Laura Beth (Butterbee Farm). These flower friends have been in my life for over a decade now and I couldn’t be more grateful for them.

We walked around the farm and saw all the amazing work Roots is doing. Roots sells flowers in lots of ways, but their primary customer is the big grocery store, Wegmans. The sheer number of blooms in the field that will go into bouquets for Wegmans was really impressive. As we walked through the fields, we talked all about the work Michelle does: harvest stage of gomphrena, irrigation timers, staffing, Instagram, soil health and more.

Over lunch on the shady patio, we dug deep into the shared work/life issues on all of our minds: business growth vs reducing work, how to rest and not feel guilty or go bankrupt, ambition, expectations, families, aging, reinvention and basically how to create the best business we can for our current stage of life. These are not topics most people want to talk about or are comfortable talking about. It’s a tremendously beneficial for me to have business peers who are also friends that I can be honest and vulnerable with and who will also challenge me to meet my goals and objectives.

I always tell farmers and florists alike- find your flower friends. Take a chance and to reach out to start relationships with your peers. These relationships are truly valuable for me professionally and personally.

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  1. My goal-to find those flower friends in my community. Slow process, but know it will be worth it. Thanks for sharing the importance of these connections

    1. Sue,
      Thanks for your note. You’ll find them. Sometimes it just takes time and sometimes it means getting out of your comfort zone which i know can be hard. I met Michelle at the first ever ASCFG conference I went to 15 years ago. We were both getting started and I know I was feeling nervous and a little out of place. Michelle and I connected because we didn’t live far from each other. We kept in touch over the years and have been lucky to make time to see each other more often recently. I followed Jennie’s blog (back before there was social media) and emailed her to ask if i could come visit her and she could tell me about wrist corsages. It was a long shot- but she said yes. I drove to Philly and spend the day with her (this has got to be about 10 years ago now) and we became fast friends. LB and I met when she started farming here in Baltimore. I’m so grateful for these friends!

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