Morning Harvest

I joined Maya on her Thursday morning harvest at Hillen Homestead this week to catch up and dish on farmer/florist gossip. It was Maya’s first harvest for us since her summer break – a practice that is becoming more common for our growers. A respite from the heat plus slow summer sales and a busy upcoming fall schedule make a break welcome for weary farmers.

Maya and I see each other at least multiple times each week in the Spring and Fall. Because my shop is only a mile away from her fields, she can even make multiple trips in a day. We hadn’t seen each other all summer so we had lots to catch up on. Our main topics included: why it’s so hard to get mums/scented geranium/(insert variety here) right now, would flowers native to Australia grow well in Baltimore, will delivery/shipping fees ever go down, is scoop scabiosa worth it? (Leave a comment and weigh in!)

When I got back to the shop with Maya’s harvest, I had several new orders waiting for me. I quickly texted her to order more flowers for Friday. It so great to have a grower, and friend, so close. As summer comes to an end, we fell right back into our normal rhythm. Selling flowers. Buying flowers. Just like no time had passed.

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