If you look at Instagram, you’d think being a florists is designing beautiful, creative arrangements all day. That does happen, just not every day, all day. Most of the work is much less glamorous. Today, for instance, I went over to the shop to prep for our September events. I have to set aside time to prep because it always gets pushed to the bottom of my To Do list. I need to go on day with nothing else scheduled and nobody else working. I turn on a podcast and bust it out.

For each contract, I pulled the supplies – meaning I collected the vessels needed for each event and placed them in a designated spot on a prep shelf. If they were boxed up, I unpacked and washed them first. If we didn’t have the vessels, I made a note to order them. I also prepped the mechanics for any vessels that need it. Usually that entails cutting and shaping chicken wire or puttying frogs into the vase.

It’s mis en place for flowers. I want to make sure we have everything we need. I try to have events prepped a month in advance so there is time to make an order for anything I don’t have. With all of the supply issues and things being out of stock, even a month early feels like cutting it close right now. I also do this in advance so we can focus on design during the week of the event.

Prepping is my freak out insurance.

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