My superstar designer, Jess, realized her dream and bought a farm this year. I made my first visit during her open garden event on Sunday night. It was magical. Bloomhouse is about 40 minutes north of LoCoFlo, not far from the Pennsylvania line. Jess and her partners are developing the land into a flower lovers destination. They have a lovely, sunny space filled with cut flower beds and a barn that will be renovated to host events. Jess envisions Bloomhouse to become a sought-after venue and production farm in addition to a place where people gather, cut their own flowers and enjoy nature.

I was excited to be among the first to experience Bloomhouse. We toured around and admired Bloomhouse’s flowers. (I snuck a peek at some early-stage dahlias we want to order next week.) Eric, my husband, and I also got to visit with our friends Leon and Carol Carrier from Plant Masters, who we haven’t seen since the winter when Leon delivered cut orchids to us. The Maryland flower farming community is a tight knit and supportive group. Leon gifted Jess an arborvitae tree he proudly told us he grew from a cutting.

I’m really proud of what Jess has accomplished in such a short time. It should not be a surprise as I’ve seen her success for years as my employee, as one of my growers and as an artist. It was a special visit as I, and the rest of the LoCoFlo team, feel we were part of the journey to acquire the farm through Jess’s stories at the shop of all the ups and downs to find a place to meet her needs. It is still a work in progress, but she has come a long way and it is already more than a minimal viable product. I had a great time and it is a beautiful place. Plus, I am also buying commercial grade flowers. I am looking forward to spending more time, and ordering more flowers, at Bloomhouse in the years to come.

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  1. Carol and I look forward to seeing what Jess does with her property!!

    1. We’re so excited for her and Sam! I’m already day dreaming about all of the fun events we can have there!

  2. Jess and Sam were so welcoming. It reminded me of the idea of sharing the love of flowers elevates the industry for everyone. Consumers get more and better choices and growers have a better chance to stay profitable. Just a refreshing reminder that every action doesn’t need to be monetized.

    1. It was a really great night! Excited to see what comes next for them. How lucky we are to have such a strong, supportive flower community here in Maryland.

    2. Yes! I thought so many times “I would totally pay for this” and then reveale reveled that I didn’t have to and was just welcome to share the beauty and community that Sam & Jess are building

  3. Thank you for coming Ellen and Eric! We are so excited to share the potential with everyone and to begin chipping away at achieving a flower destination. We couldn’t do it without the support of the best flower community and Parking Attendant!

    1. The parking attendant looks forward to more gigs in the future! #bestdayever

  4. Such a beautiful night in a beautiful place with beautiful people!

    1. I’m so looking forward to doing more out at Bloomhouse in the coming months/years!

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