One of my corporate flower subscribers is Baltimore Dental Arts. They get a vase arrangement for their reception area every week. I try to switch up their flowers with unique blooms and early harvests for variety. The office workers are usually pretty busy, so I just do a quick pick up of the old vase and drop off the new one. This past week, however, hairy balls were featured in their arrangement.

Just like everybody else, this fall favorite got the staff’s attention. “What are those green things?” Sometimes I just blurt it out – HAIRY BALLS! But this was an office setting with medical professionals. They are comfortable with scientific terminology. So, I went with the botanical name: gomphocarpus physocarpus.

I explained that this plant was in the milk weed family. The green balls were seed pods of the plant full of a fuzzy white mess similar to a white dandelion. (They will always be hairy balls to me.) 

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