It is weird to journal about how important these boxes are to my business, but strawberry boxes are the bomb! They are perfect for delivering flowers.

First, they are just the right size. They are shallow enough so they hold most arrangements, but not too tall to touch and damage any of the stems. Reusing Amazon boxes requires some cutting. These are ready to go. The size and shape of strawberry boxes also allows me to maximize space and my carrying capacity. I can fill a box and easily carry multiple arrangements at once considering my self-defined status as a weakling.

Second, these boxes are strong and water resistant. They have never failed me. The cardboard is firm and doesn’t get mushy when wet. I never need to support the bottom, even with a full box and heavy sloshing.

Third, strawberry boxes are free and abundant. I just ask the friendly staff at Wegman’s grocery store, and they happily give them to me. (I did notice a command printed on the bottom of the box: “Do Not Re-Use.” I assume this is directed at the grocery store – not unlike the intimidating mattress tags: “Do not remove under penalty of law”). Thanks Weggies!

Last (though I could go on), I’m getting more use out of that box before it gets recycled. Maybe it looks a little unprofessional, but it’s just for travel and delivery. I have a fancy gift box for individual arrangements (provided upon request). My business values are all about sustainability. So what if my box isn’t branded – it’s green! Reduce, reuse, recycle.

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  1. I think this is 98% on brand for Locoflo – just put your sticker on them if you want that extra 2%! We’ve used those plastic 2 little soda bottle holders for our deliveries of wedding bouquets that are typically in taller vases – we try to hang on to them and reuse them for each event….but if we need more we usually find them outside of convenience stores. I think the soda vendors usually take them back but we can usually find a stray one or two that has been discarded and forgotten.

    1. I love the idea of adding a sticker to the strawberry boxes. They really are the perfect size for so many vases. We use those 2 liter soda holders too. We found them at the dump. They work great.

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