There are some products that you know and trust and there really isn’t any substitute. For us, Oasis cold glue is the standard. We don’t use it often, but there are particular projects that need it. I have had trouble finding this glue since the beginning of Covid. When I had the chance two years ago to do some glue hoarding, I jumped on two cases. I figured I should be good until the supplies replenish. Well, I finally depleted my glue reserves recently and still this product is scarce through my wholesaler. I searched on secondary markets. Social media and private florist groups are full of pleas for any extra tubes. All florists want this glue.

I found a local florist who was willing to part with two tubes for $9 each. The going rate on Facebook marketplace is $42 for one! So while $9 was almost double the wholesale price, it was a deal compared to the glue gougers on Facebook. I needed it, so I sent my delivery boy to pick it up. On her way, the florist texted to say that the glue she had was actually a knock-off brand, not Oasis. She had Oasis glue, but needed to keep that for herself. Ugh, my delivery boy was almost there. I had already paid and needed something.

I felt uneasy about the knockoff glue. It wasn’t that it didn’t work. It did. But it didn’t work like the glue we knew. It didn’t feel as sticky. It seemed to be taking longer to dry. The tube instructions said “Estimated work time 3 – 5 minutes. Full Cure 24 Hours”. What does that even mean? It was ok. I just didn’t trust it. It was Hydrox. Fine, but not the same. I’ll work with it some more and get used to it, I guess.

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