The Vicarious Florist blog is all about my work and life as a florist. I share my day-to-day thoughts in my Journal posts. These are brief and fairly frequent – a few times a week. They are somewhat uncensored (I’ll try to watch the cursing) and mostly extemporaneous. I also write Articles on this blog. They are longer and somewhat thoughtful and edited. The articles come out every couple of weeks and focus on some aspect of my business.

I have been a florist and floral business owner for nearly 15 years. This year (2022) as I start this blog, I will turn 50! Yikes! As much as I love the work I have been doing, I need to start making some changes to my business to better meet my later career needs. That’s where this blog comes in. I have a lot of experience and stories to share. I still design for weddings and host events at my studio, but I am now starting to focus more on writing, speaking, recording and teaching classes.

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One of the best aspects of my brick-and-mortar business has been the community I have been so fortunate to have developed. I call my loyal customers and friends I have made through the business my flower people. I hope to do the same online through this blog and my other social media efforts. Please join: like, subscribe, follow, comment, and sign up for my email. Flowers are so fun!

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