It’s Tuesday. Tuesday always feels like the start of the week for me. We get deliveries from the farm on Mondays, but don’t do any design or customer deliveries until Tuesdays. So Tuesday is my Monday. And today is a hot one. My workers are on vacation, but its a slow week (I think everybody is on vacation). I’m working solo today. 

The heat gives me an extra challenge for our deliveries. Many of our orders go to row houses that don’t have any porches or even an awning for shade. More communication is needed for a successful delivery. My night-before email to flower recipients had a warning to bring the flowers out of the heat as fast as possible. If the recipient isn’t going to be home, we try to reschedule or set up an appointment for them to pick up at our shop. In the van, I crank up the AC in the van so everything stays cool (including me!). On my way, I’ll text the recipient a few minutes before I arrive, to let them know I’ll be there shortly. It’s a lot of communication but the flowers won’t survive long in direct sun over 90 degrees. I try to get out as early as possible but not so early that people are sleeping. If it were up to me, I’d leave to start delivering by 6am, but I know that’s too early. I try to get the first order delivered around 9am. Today I finished deliveries around 11:30am and treated myself to an iced coffee.

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